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Swati Mittal Jagetia helps individuals live with purpose, and on purpose.

She is the Founder of Purpose Squared, a boutique group practice in New York City, providing Mental Health Counseling and Executive Coaching.


Swati spends most of her days counseling, coaching and supervising her team. You may also find Swati on campus, teaching as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University; at Google NYC, where she counsels individuals on-site; and in all corners of the Upper West Side of NYC, chasing her three little kids -- each likely running in a different direction. 

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The Talk: The Small Words That Sabotage

Words shape the way we think and feel. In this actionable talk, Swati addresses how the words we use automatically and unconsciously are often unhelpful - and even sabotaging. She encourages us to communicate with intention and integrity and shares practical word changes we can adopt immediately - for enhanced clarity, authenticity and connection. A talk to watch, implement, and share.

TEDx photos by AlessandraNicole.comSwati Mittal Jagetia - The Small Words that Sabotage - and, what to say instead.
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Keynote: Google

Leave the auto-pilot, cardboard version of yourself at the door, and step into your curiosity, boldness and all things you at work (and, while you are at it - in the rest of your life too)

Living With Purpose Squared

What it means to live with purpose, and on purpose - Purpose Squared. 


Private Practice

Purpose Squared Mental Health Counseling and Executive Coaching

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Swati is the Founder of Purpose Squared, a boutique group private practice. She and her team provide mental health counseling to high achieving New Yorkers. Swati also provides therapy on-site at Google NYC.

Personal and Professional Coaching

A licensed mental health counselor, a certified professional coach and a career history rooted in the corporate world. Swati combines her intensive education, training and experience to provide coaching without boundaries and awareness about how mental health - yours, and those around you - affects satisfaction and performance in personal and professional spaces.  

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